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About G Precious

Her-story of G Precious

     G Precious born Brenda M. Atencio was raised on the Indian Reservation of Ohkay Owingeh - Village of the Strong (formerly San Juan Pueblo) by her grandmother Gregorita T. Atencio. The 2nd of 8 children, she began creative writing at the young age of 6, identifying herself as BMA Chill - part of a group known as Chill, Funky, Ice which included her cousin Jay Funky and her little brother GMT Ice. BMA Chill continued writing as a means to deal with the dynamics of life - alcoholism, drugs, suicide, and abuse.

     At the age of 12, BMA Chill became G Precious. With the deaths of her aunt Sandy, her older brother Ivan, her aunt Rose, and her grandmother, it proved difficult for G Precious to deal with their deaths as these were people who all had an influence on her life and were a part of her main support system growing up. Their deaths sparked a new flame pushing G Precious to return to the recording studio, complete and release her first album titled, “On My Shoulders.” This was the heartbreaking, long awaited debut album from G Precious, a Native American woman and upcoming Hip Hop Artist; she put her life, her heart, her family, her struggles, the courageous hope and healing process into this album.

     Since the release of “On My Shoulders” G Precious has been hard at work releasing several additional albums titled, “Hip Hop & Hotdogs Vol. 1”, “Abomination”, “Walk On Water - Evolution”, "ECLECTIC", her Traditional CD "Bow & Arrow Songs of Ohkay Owingeh", and she is currently working on her soon to be released "The Forgotten" featuring Grammy Award Winner Macy Gray. G Precious has been recognized and nominated for an Indian Summer Music Award (2016, 2017) and won the New Mexico Music Award for Hip Hop & Native categories (2017,2018) and nominated for a Native American Music Award (Nominee - 2018). Her music is played on Singing Wire, Moccasin Wire and KUYI Hopi Radio.

     G Precious has proven that no matter the life you've lived, the struggles you've faced, with determination and positive thoughts nothing can stop you.


If you set your heart and your mind to it anything is possible!


Blue Basket Entertainment
PO Box 933

Ohkay Owingeh, NM 87566




Kateri A. Keevama




Brenda M. Atencio


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