Red Wall & Stairs
On My Shoulders - G Precious

This is the heartbreaking long awaited debut album from G Precious! A Native American woman and upcoming Hip Hop Artist, she put her life, her heart, her family, her struggles, the courageous hope and healing process into this album! You will bump this CD from beginning to end!

Walk On Water - Evolution

G Precious does not disappoint with "Walk On Water: Evolution". It is true, "On My Shoulders" was a healing album for G Precious, and since that album's release in 2011, G Precious has grown and in her own words - she has "evolved" hence the title of her new release "Walk On Water: Evolution". In order to survive in this world, you must continue to evolve, especially as an artist, the music scene is constantly changing and you need to continue to change and evolve with the times and the styles but continue to bring the music that your fans have grown to love. I am thankful to be able to share my spirit, my talent, my words with the world, and now I give you - "Walk On Water: Evolution."


G Precious continues to haunt the music scene with her best work yet in "The Forgotten". If she hasn't caught your ears and your eyes yet - hold on, take a listen, you will not be disappointed - hit "PLAY."

Hip Hop & Hotdogs Vol. 1

Hip Hop & Hotdogs Vol. 1 Mixtape is loaded with a lot of fun songs to include: Ain't No Fun, Baby By Me, Moment 4 Life, Hometown, Run This Town featuring artists: Prick Lunatic, Candi Girl and C-Note. This is a FREE Download! Enjoy!

Abomination - Anno Domini Nation

Abomination - All tracks composed by Anno Domini Nation, and lyrics by G Precious. This was a match written in the stars! Abomination as the title suggests is a feeling of jealousy and hatred towards something or someone different, take a listen and you will be taken on a journey that may leave you speechless.


G Precious quickly followed "Walk On Water: Evolution" with the release of "ECLECTIC." Unmatched lyrics, spinning her hauntingly beautiful Native American heritage with modern Hip Hop - you will find yourself in a trance almost. Enjoying this CD from beginning to end, you will hit replay several times. Truly impressive!